Privilege Licenses

Unless explicitly provided for in a City of Wilson ordinance, all businesses, trades and professions conducting a trade, occupation, performing a service, or selling foods or services within the City are required to purchase a Privilege License prior to beginning operations. This statement applies to the City of Wilson with certain exceptions. The Privilege License is required to legally operate anywhere within the City of Wilson. This requirement applies to all businesses, whether operated for profit, non-profit or home-based.

The Finance Department, Accounting office issues Privilege Licenses. A City license may be required in addition to any State or County licenses already held.

Should you have any additional questions please view the Privilege License Application Instructions.

Additional questions may be directed to:

Finance Department
Accounting Division/Privilege Licenses
Lorria Ray
112 N. Goldsboro Street
P.O. Box 10
Wilson, NC 27894
Phone: 252-399-2762
FAX:    252-399-2183


Privilege License Application Privilege License Application (91 KB)