Architects and Major Contributors


Harry Barton - Greensboro , NC. Born 1876 in Philadelphia , PA. Educated in Philadelphia public schools, Williamson School , Temple College , and received his architectural training at George Washington University . After graduation took special coursework in architectural design at the Beaux Art Institute of Design. Connected with outstanding architectural firms in Philadelphia and Washington , D.C. Married Rachel S. Phillips of Ivyland , PA. Moved to Greensboro in 1912. Designed County Court Houses for Cumberland, Johnson, Guilford, Surry and Alamance counties, municipal buildings at Greensboro, High Point and Reidsville, the Church of the Covenant, Greensboro; College Place Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Asheboro; Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Lutheran Church and First Presbyterian Church, High Point; some buildings on campus of the NC College for Women; high school buildings at Lexington, High Pint; Pomona and Bessemer; the residences of Mrs. E Sternberger, Sigmund Sternberger, J.W. Galloway, Greensboro; W.W. Graves, Wilson ; S.H. Tomlinson, High Point; YMCA and YWCA Greensboro, Greensboro Daily News Building, Myers Department Store, Cone Export Building, Piedmont Building, and Morris-Neese Furniture Building. He was a member of the American Institutes of Architects and a member of the State Board of Architectural Examination and Registration.

Benton & Benton - partnership of Charles C. Benton and Frank Warthall Benton 1915 - 1935. Designed Fire Station No. 1, Rocky Mount , the Bank of Farmville, Farmville, the Selma Graded School, Selma .

Benton & Moore - C.C. Benton and Wilson architect Solon Balias Moore formed a partnership which lasted from about 1910 to 1915. Together the designed the Gold Professional Building (1910), the Wilson Hospital and Tubercular Home (1913 a.k.a. Mercy Hospital ), and the Woodard-Herring Hospital , Wilson; and the Van Dyke Furniture Co. in Greenville , NC .

Benton & Stout - the 1908 Rocky Mount city directory indicates and association between C.C. Benton and John C. Stout. Stout came to Wilson c. 1904, and move to Rocky Mount c.1906. No documented buildings from this partnership.

Benton, C.C. & Son - partnership of C.C. Benton, Sr. and his son, Henry 1935-1960. Ca. 1940 his other son, C.C. Benton, Jr. joined the firm. Henry was trained as a civil engineer, and C.C., Jr. was an architect. The firm did a great deal of work in the Western part of the state, especially around Statesville . They also did many theatres, including one in Charleston , SC and one in Greenville, NC. Offices were maintained in South Carolina and Norfolk, Virginia as well as in Wilson . Prominent buildings designed by the firm were: School for the Deaf, Morganton; State Hospital , Morganton; School of North Wilkesboro ; the First Presbyterian Church , Sunday School Wing of St. Timothy's Church , Christian Church , and the homes of Dr. Simon, Bobby Kirkland and Dick Barnes , Wilson . During this period, ('35-'60) C.C. Benton, Sr. designed the former library and Harper Hall at Atlantic Christian College (now Barton College ). His taste for colonial style architecture gave him his nickname "Charles Colonial Benton." The partnership was dissolved in 1960 upon the death of C.C. Benton, Sr., and C.C., Jr. and John Ashe continued to practice in Wilson until 1967. John Ashe continued to practice in Wilson through 1981 (and beyond?). Unfortunately, few Benton buildings are documented because after the dissolution of the firm, most of the original plans and blueprints were stored at Stephenson Millwork of Wilson, which experienced a fire and all plans were lost.

Benton, Charles Collins - b. Wilson 1888; educated at MIT ca. 1902. First listed as an architect in Wilson in the 1907 Business Directory. Married Mary Powell 1911. Died 1960. Little of his early design work in Wilson is documented, although it is thought that he had something to do with the building of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church (1906) on North Goldsboro Street . He also renovated the Godwin House (ca. 1900) and converted it into the Benton Apartments ca. 1940 on Green Street .

Benton, Frank Warthall - brother of C.C. Benton. Went into partnership with his brother in the firm of Benton & Benton 1915 - 1935. After 1935 Frank continued designing in his own right. He was the designer of many local WPA projects, including the Recreation Center Bath Houses (1938), Wilson County Public Library (1938), Wilson Municipal Building (1938). He died 1960 or 1960.

Fred A. Bishop - Richmond , Virginia . Active ca. 1924. Designed the Wilson County Court House .

R.L. Blaylock - Active ca. 1902 - ca. 1906.

William Bogart - Goldsboro . Active c.1860. Advertised in the Wilson Ledger in 1860.

H.T. Crittenden - active ca. 1916 - ca. 1920. Designed Colonial Apartments (1918) , Dildy & Agnew Hardware Store, W.R. Bryan House (1917)

CC Davis and Otis Asbury - Richmond , Virginia . Active c. 1919. Designed the 1919 addition to the Imperial Tobacco Co ., Wilson.

Robert H. Diehl - Active ca. 1922(?) Draftsman of SB Moore ca. 1922 - 1925. Designed Dr. Bodie Clark House, 607 Raleigh Road , (1936).

A.M. Griffin - Wilmington . Active ca. 1924. Designed Atlantic Coast Line Passenger and Freight Station.

Charles Hartge - Raleigh . Active in Wilson ca. 1900. Designed First United Methodist Church , Wilson (1900 - destroyed by fire 1986). Good Shepherd Church (1899) Pittman Auditorium (1907), Raleigh; Wakelon School (1908) Zebulon.

Charles C. Hartmann - Greensboro . Born in Brooklyn , NY ; moved to Greensboro in 1917. Active in Wilson ca. 1927. Designed First Union National Bank , Wilson; Jefferson Standard Life, Bank & Trust Co., Central Fire Station, Gate City Building, Daily Record Building, Greensboro; YMCA, High Point; Highsmith Memorial Hospital, National Bank, Fayetteville; Bank of North Wilkesboro; Alamance Hotel, Burlington; Hotel Hickory, Hickory.

Thomas B. Herman - Draftsman of the firm Benton & Benton ca. 1922 - 1928. Active ca. 1922 - 1956. Designed Carolina Telephone and Telegraph Building , Needham B. Herring House, Everett Blake House, James T. McGraw House, John Dillard House, W.T. Lamm House.

James Raleigh Hughes - Greensboro . Active in Wilson ca. 1925. Designed N.M. Schaum House, W. Johnston King House .

Lind & Murdoch - Baltimore , MD. Active in Wilson ca. 1859. Designed Wilson Collegiate Institute .

Oswald Lipscomb - Born in 1826 in Virginia . Moved to Wilson in 1849. In the same year he married Penelope Rountree, daughter of Lewis Rountree of Wilson . Had one son, James Lipscomb who was associated with the Wilson Cotton Mill. After the death of his first wife, he married in 1869 Sarah Barnes, daughter of Edwin Barnes of Wilson . Entered into a business partnership with his brother-in-law JT Barnes in 1874. In that year they purchased a lot on Pine street near Lee Street where they built a sash and blind factory. By 1884 a planning mill had also been built for the partnership. In the late 1880s Lipscomb sold his interests to his brother-in-law because of failing health., and he died February 4, 1891 .

Designed the Billy Winstead House (said to have been moved to the NE corner of Lee and Tarboro Streets); the Albert Farmer House (constructed on Goldsboro St, now demolished); the Dred Ruffin House (on the Stantonsburg-Snow Hill Road in Greene County); the James Davis House , at 600 West Nash Street; the George Blount House , constructed on the site of the Branch Banking a& Trust Company's main office, now demolished; the Moses Rountree House , constructed on West Nash Street, but now moved to Rountree Street; the J.T. Barnes House , constructed on the corner of West Nash and Jackson Streets, now demolished; the Alpheus Branch House , constructed on the corner of West Nash Street and Park Avenue, the Frank Barnes House , constructed on the corner of West Nash and Rountree Streets (demolished); the George D. Green House ; and his own house , still standing on the corner of Pine and Vance Streets.

James A. McGeady - Draftsman for the firm of Benton & Benton ca. 1925. Active ca. 1925 - 1948, listed as a civil engineer in 1928. Designed the Albert Thomas House , 513 W Vance Street (1937); the Joseph Farris House , 514 W Vance Street (1934); and his own house at 1308 W. Nash Street .

Solon Balias Moore - Born May 17, 1872 in Waco , NC ( Cleveland County ), son of dentist S.T. Moore. He married Shelby Shives, but they were divorced c. 1905. He lived in Gastonia from ca. 1900 - 1905, and in the latter year he moved to Wilson with his daughter Myrtle. They lived with relatives John and Sarah Moore from 1905 until 1907 when the relatives moved away. He is listed in the 1908 Wilson directory as a foreman. Family tradition has it that he worked as a carpenter and studied architecture at night. He went in to partnership with Wilson architect Charles, C. Benton c. 1910, and this partnership endured until ca. 1915. He married Flossie Davis of Wilson in 1913. When the partnership broke up with Benton , he established his own office, and was a successful and prolific designer of all types of buildings in Wilson and the surrounding area until 1930, when he died at the age of fifty-seven. The list of pall bearers at his funeral included many of Wilson 's leading citizens, as well as contractors Will and Rob Wilkins, JB. Batton, WM Jones of Wilson DJ Rose of Rocky Mount , and Sam Winstead of Wilson .

Designed the Carroll Building, the Davis Building, the Terminal Inn, the Smith Warehouse, the Dr. L.V. Grady House, the H.W. Abbitt House, the I. Leroy Darden House, the Robert C. Hutcherson House, the AL Lancaster House, the John L Wiggins House, the Claude V. Garner House, the S.H. Anderson House, the A.N. Daniel House, the Ben T. Smith House, the B. Vance Forbes House, the T.J. Foote House, the G. Erick Bell House, the C.F. Harriss House, the Marshall Ferrell House, the Hewland Branch House, the Mosley Hussey House, the E.L. Tarkenton House, the L.D. Knott House, the C.W. Stokes House, the J.A. Clark House, the H.B. Culbreth House, the M.P. Churchwell House, the Samuel Agnew House, Winstead School, Maplewood Cemetery Gates and his own home at 1402 W. Gold Street.

Berewell Riddick - Suffolk , Virginia . Active in Wilson ca. 1915 - ca. 1920. Designed the Dr. Oscar Hooks House and the E.K. Wright House.

EA Sherman - Active in Wilson ca. 1860. Advertised in the Wilson Ledger 12/13/1860: "EA Sherman would respectfully announce to the citizens of Wilson and vicinity that he has taken up residence in Wilson for the purpose of devoting his entire attention to contracting for and erecting of buildings of all kinds. Having had eighteen years experience in business and being assisted by Mr. E.G. Lind of Baltimore, an accomplished and thorough architect, he considers himself competent to meet all the demands of the public. See Lind & Murdoch.

John Christie Stout - Born in Randolph County December 19, 1860, the son of Peter and Mary Wrightsman Stout. He studied architecture under Thomas A. Klutz in. In 1883 he married Hattie Cornelia Jordan in Fayetteville . He practiced architecture and acted as a building contractor in Wilmington, NC in the 1890s. He is first mentioned in the local papers there in 1891, and is listed in Branson's North Carolina Business Directory in 1896 and 1897 as a builder. IN 1897 he formed a partnership with Thad F. Tyler of Wilmington . The duration of this partnership is unknown, however Stout probably moved to Wilson c. 1904. Tyler died in 1910 in Wilmington . Stout moved to Rocky Mount in 1906 and in the 1908 City Directory he is listed as a partner of Charles C. Benton of Wilson . The duration of this partnership is also unknown. After his move to Rocky Mount he devoted himself almost exclusively to architectural design work, and he died in Rocky Mount on November 24, 1921 .

Designed and/or built, YMCA (1891), F. Rheinstein Store (1891), Robert C. Merritt House (1899), Atlantic National Bank Building, WJ Toomer House (1899), SF Craig House (1899) ZW Whitehead House (1899), Wilmington; First National Bank Building, Municipal Building, Southern Cotton Seed Oil Plant, TJ Hackney House, JC Braswell House, DD Cuthrell House, FS Spruill House, Captain John D. Bulluck, Jr. House, Issac Levy House, EW Smith House, HE Crews House, EL Daughtridge House, James Pl Bunn House, George L Parker House, Mr. MF Daughtridge House, Dr. GL Wimberly House, Capt, WH Horn House, Dr. CF Smithson House, Dr. JP Whitehead House, Dr. Louis Gorham House, James Keel House, Philips Building, Rocky Mount; Dr. Julian Baker House, Mrs. James Pender House, TH Gatlin House, JJ Green House, Dr. Cliff Whitehead House, Tarboro; John H Small House, BB Nicholson House, JD Grimes House, HS Ward House, Capt. George T. Leach House, Washington; Methodist College Building (1907), Maxton; Nash County Court House, Nashville; S.A. Woodard House, E.A. Darden House, B.F. Lane House, Capt. T.W. Tilghman House, and the Annex to the Wilson Sanitorium , Wilson.

James A. Wetmore - Washington DC . Active in Wilson ca. 1927. Designed the US Post Office and Court House.

Wheeler & Runge - Charlotte. Active in Wilson ca. 1902. Designed Wilson Graded School (now known as the Margaret Hearne Elementary School ).

Charles Wilson - Columbia , SC. Active in Wilson ca. 1922 - ca. 1923. Designed Charles L. Coon High School (1922) , Darden School (1923), addition to Winstead School (1923).