Land Development

Site Plan Review
Land Development is responsible for reviewing all commercial, industrial and multi-family site development plans for zoning compliance. All commercial, industrial, and multi-family site plans require TRC (Technical Review Committee) approval. 

Site Plan Acceptance Policy
Minor Site Plan Requirements
Standard Plan Sheet Layout Requirements
Additional Requirements of B-6 & I-3 zones
Landscape Plant List (Crepe Myrtle Use Change)
Public Services Standard Notes
Site Plan Checklist
Site Plan (General) Requirements
Site Plan Requirements

Divisions of land into two or more parcels usually require a subdivision plat to be approved by the City.  A preliminary plat is a drawing of a proposed subdivision.  Preliminary plats are approved by City Council after a recommendation by the Planning Board.  A final plat is the final map of the subdivision that is recorded in the Register of Deeds office. 

Final/Minor Subdivision Plat Checklist
Public Services Standard Notes
Preliminary Plat Requirements
Subdivision Design Checklist
Subdivision Variance

Sign, Alcohol, Air Quality & Zoning Permit Review
Land Development is responsible for performing Zoning Administration duties. In order for anyone to obtain a sign permit, an alcohol local government opinion/inspection form, an air quality zoning consistency determination, or a residential building permit in the City of Wilson Zoning Jurisdiction, they must have the zoning reviewed by Land Development. 


NC ABC Permits 
NC DENR Air Quality Permits
Permanent Sign Permit
Temporary Sign Permit

Floodplain Administration
Any development, including buildings or other structures, filling, grading, or paving, requires a Floodplain Development Permit.  Permit applications are reviewed by Development Services and Public Services for compliance with all floodplain regulations. 

Floodplain Development Permit Application

Zoning and Landscape Inspections
Prior to a business or development requiring Technical Review Committee approval open for business, a final zoning and landscape inspection must be performed to make sure the site was developed according to the approved site plan. This inspection is required before a business or development obtains a Certificate of Occupancy.

Board of Adjustment
Special Use Permits, Variances, and Appeals are heard by the Board of Adjustment.  The Board of Adjustment meets on the third Tuesday of the month in the City Council chambers. Applications must be submitted to Development Services four weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.  Applicable fees apply. 

Special Use Permit
Variance (General)
Appeal to Administrative Decision

Special Use Permits
Certain uses listed in the City of Wilson Zoning Ordinance require Special Use permits.  Special Use Permits are issued by the Board of Adjustment. 

Special Use Permit

Variances to the dimensional standards listed in the City of Wilson Zoning Ordinance are heard by the Board of Adjustment.  The requirements for the granting of a Variance are listed in Section 20.11(c) of the Zoning Ordinance. 

Variance (General)

If you feel that an error in any order, requirement, decision, or interpretation made by the office of the Zoning Administrator has been made in error, you may make an appeal to the Board of Adjustment.

Appeal to Administrative Decision

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Josh Jurius Planner 252.399.2387
Jessica Lucas Planning Technician 252.399.2214