Neighborhood Improvement

Housing Compliance
Minimum Housing Inspections are done upon utilities turn on or transfer.  Owners/property managers must request an inspection when dwelling is being rented by a new tenant.  Each inspection is good for one (1) year unless a courtesy inspection is requested by the tenant.  A housing compliance certificate will be issued to the owner/property manager when the dwelling is in  full compliance with the minimum housing standards.  Inspections ensure that the dwelling complies with the minimum housing standards set forth in Chapter 43 of the City’s Code, Sections 43-3 thru Section 43-9.  Inspections are done the same day if received by 7:30 am, after that time the inspection will be done the next day.

*Courtesy Inspections are generated by complaints from the tenants.  A full inspection will be performed when a courtesy inspection is requested. 

Nuisance Abatement
Inspectors canvas assigned neighborhoods and respond to complaints.  The following may be considered a nuisance: high grass (excess of 10”), accumulated trash/junk in yard, appliances stored outside (yard/porch), building materials stored in open places, excessive firewood not stored/stacked properly, graffiti and open structures.  For more information refer to Chapter 17 of the City Code (Health, Sanitation, Public Nuisances) or Section 3.30 of the Zoning Ordinance (Community Appearance Standards).
Chronic Violators Notice

Boarding House Compliance
Inspections are done annually to ensure that the dwelling meet the standards set forth in Section 43-10 of the Minimum Housing Code.  Boarding Homes may be subject to random visits based on complaints. All boarding houses must be registered at the City of Wilson and have a Special Use Permit.

Junk Vehicles

Residents are allowed to have one junked/nuisance vehicle in the rear yard (may differ at apartment complexes).  The vehicle must be covered with a standardized car cover made for that vehicle and should be so secured that it will not be blown off during a storm.  If vehicle is uncovered for any reason it is subject to being tagged and towed within 15 days. Refer to Section 3.27 of the Zoning Ordinance.

Nuisance Vehicles
Vehicles that pose a possible health hazard or public nuisance as indicated by any of the following conditions: Breeding ground for pests, Core of growth for heavy weeds, vehicle has jagged metal parts or glass, is a point of collection for water, debris/waste or chemicals or is declared a public nuisance by the City Council.  These vehicles would also be tagged and towed in 15 days.

Abandoned Vehicles
Those vehicles left at a vacant house, deemed abandoned by the owner or left on the public street without proper tags.  These vehicles can be towed within 48 hours. 

To request an inspection or to report a nuisance violation
Please call 252.399.2219 or 252.399.2220


Name Position Phone
Kevin Medeiros Neighborhood Improvement Enforcement Coordinator 252.206.5287
Jeff Breedlove Neighborhood Improvement Specialist II 252.399.2067
Mia Jones Neighborhood Improvement Specialist I 252.296.3034
Tomasine Jones
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist I 252.296.3299