Wilson County Comprehensive Transportation Plan

The 2012 Wilson County Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) was created in response to a new law that requires transportation planning to be multi-modal and in coordination with local land development planning. The CTP is a set of five maps that provides coordinated planning between all modes of transportation in the area.

Independently, the highway map, public transportation and rail map and bicycle map offer insight into the future modal elements for an area. Together, these maps form an all inclusive look at the transportation system.

The City of Wilson worked with NCDOT, Wilson County and the County's other municipalities on an updated transportation plan for all of Wilson County. The plan is used by the NCDOT to prioritize the transportation project funding.

2012 Wilson County Comprehensive Transportation Plan

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NCDOT Transportation Planning Branch

For additional information please contact:

Daniel Van Liere - Transportation Planner, Upper Coastal Plain RPO
Rodger Lentz - Planning & Development Services Director, City of Wilson
Bryant Bunn - City Engineer, City of Wilson