Brownfields Program

Brownfield sites are abandoned or underutilized sites that have the potential of environmental contamination based on past use. They are often blighted and detract from the quality of the surrounding neighborhood. The City's Brownfields program is working to put these properties back into use and transform them from vacant and underutilized to uses that provide employment and benefit the overall community. Click here for more information.

Promoting Pedestrian Safety in Wilson - Walk on Wilson (WoW) 


The UNC Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC) is partnering with the City of Wilson to promote pedestrian safety and further its efforts in becoming a model community for walkability for places of similar size throughout North Carolina. The two other jurisdictions in the State selected to participate in this four-year project are Charlotte and Durham. The project aims to reduce pedestrian crashes and their negative impacts on the community through a sustained and comprehensive program involving roadway improvements, law enforcement efforts, and broad outreach regarding pedestrian safety issues.

Safe Routes to School

A plan to increase safe walking and biking opportunities for students at Hearne, Vick, Wells, and Winstead Elementary Schools and Toisnot and Forest Hills Middle Schools. Click here for more information: Safe Routes to School

Neighborhood Planning

The City has begun work on its first ever neighborhood plan, focusing on the Barton Area-NorthWest-Old Wilson area. Click here for a map of the study area. Working with citizens, the City is identifying issues, assets, and solutions to enhance the community. Click here for more information on the neighborhood planning initiative.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

In addition to the Walk on Wilson program, the City advances pedestrian and bicycle safety through a Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board. Click the link for more information on their programs and activities, including Walk to School Day and the Bicycle Rodeo.