About WDDC

Mission Statement: Wilson Downtown Development Corporation is an organization that encourages and coordinates activities that enhance economic and community growth in Historic Downtown Wilson by providing outstanding leadership through the integration of people, government, and community resources which supports a professional, residential, cultural, and commercial historic district.

Vision Statement: A crossroads of southern historic charm and modern innovation and sustainability, Historic Downtown Wilson is the heartbeat of a diverse community where arts, culture and unique business draw people day and night.

About WDDC: The Wilson Downtown Development Corporation (WDDC) was created for the charitable purposes of promoting historic preservation and combating community deterioration.  WDDC provides leadership in downtown development by delivering vision, human capital and financial resources.

A Municipal Service District (MSD) was established downtown in 1981 accordance with State law.  Properties located within the MSD pay an additional $.17.5 per $100 value.  Approximate annual MSD revenue is $75,000.  Revenue generated from the MSD tax is used by WDDC for activities and programs to develop a vibrant downtown.

WDDC is a member of the National Main Street Program and is one of North Carolina’s Main Street Communities under the Department of Commerce. Following the Main Street Four Point approach, WDDC operates four core committees: Design, Organization, Economic Development and Promotions.

WDDC has provided countless resources towards many major projects over the years such as the renovation of a historic vaudeville theatre, major streetscape improvements, installation of public art and funding for the Paul V. Berry Park/Hickory Grove Park. WDDC continues to develop downtown through various programs and activities such as special events, unique projects, public art, grants, and incentives.

In addition, WDDC has an affiliate 501 (c)(3) organization, Wilson Downtown Properties, created in order to put obsolete properties back into adaptive reuse. Recently, WDP has been able to purchase or receive donations of downtown properties and negotiate their resale to partners that open viable retail and restaurant establishments. 

The major goal of WDDC is to be proactive and visionary in the development of partnerships that enable the comprehensive revitalization of Historic Downtown Wilson.