Billing, Collections, Credit and Customer Service

Billing, Collection, Credit and Customer Service are responsible for utility and broadband accounts, as well as providing assistance to the utility and broadband customers for securing and termination of utility services. We encourage you to consider technology in making utility payments. Technology has become a tool that helps us do our job better and also helps those who desire our services by providing easier and faster access to appropriate information.

Customer Service locations and hours:

Our full-service Customer Service Business Office, including four drive-through lanes and walk-in customer service, is located at:

208 Nash Street NE, Wilson, NC 27893

Hours are: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
5-7 p.m. drive thru/phone service only

Saturday, 9 a.m.-noon, drive thru/phones only

Convenient Payment Options (please use links on the left side of this page):

Bank Draft - Your utility bill amount is automatically taken out of your checking account.

It is your responsibility to ensure all information provided on the Bank Draft Authorization form is accurate (especially the Routing/Transit Number and the Bank Account Number), and there are sufficient funds in the bank account.   Otherwise, your utility bill cannot be paid using this method.

Before Setting Up AutoPay from Your Savings Account...      If you plan to set up AutoPay from your savings account, check with your bank or credit union first.  Some financial institutions will not honor bank drafts from savings accounts.

Online Bill Pay
- pay with your credit or debit card at

Contact information

Reason for calling E-mail Phone

Business License Call Queue
Business license applications,
billings and fees 252.399.2762

Customer Credit Call Queue
Customer contract payments,
reports of meter tampering, 
questions regarding collections


Customer Service Call Queue
Application for services, extensions
for due dates, security deposits,
questions about bills 252.399.2162

Utility Billing Call Queue
Bank draft enrollment, utility rates,
questions regarding meter reading, 
cycles and route billing

Matthew Nestor Assistant Director of Finance, Business Operations 252.399.2179
Crawford Bolton Customer Service Manager 252.399.2160
Cherie' Woodard Billing Manager 252.399.2172