Unclaimed Property Search

The City has expanded its escheat program to utilize technology in helping our customers identify and obtain unclaimed property currently being held by the City on their behalf.  This site contains names and addresses of individuals and companies with unclaimed property.  To initiate an owner lookup,  enter a name in the appropriate category below and click on the search button.  If your name is listed, you may generate a property claim by contacting us at the address and/or telephone number listed below.

City of Wilson
Attn:  Church Modlin
P.O. Box 10
Wilson, NC 27893
(252) 399-2147

Proof indicating that you are the owner must be provided. Listed below are some examples of items that can help in establishing proof of ownership.

  • Social security card identification (if City of Wilson has your number included with account information)
  • Old drivers license with service address shown
  • Copy of old W-2 showing service address
  • Old utility bill, tax bill, credit card bill, phone bill, etc. showing service address
  • Cancelled check with service address shown at top
  • Marriage certificate/license copy with service address shown
  • Copy of title or registration for car showing service address
  • Voter registration card with service address listed
  • Copy of an old bill or invoice to you showing service address

If satisfactory proof of claim is not presented, the law requires us to submit this property to the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer to whom all further claims must be directed.

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