Wilson Fire/Rescue Services

We are Focused on Excellent Customer Service,

"Dedicated to Life Safety"

 "We must be ready to face what comes.
In this department, no one is invincible.
At all ranks we contribute,
And at all ranks we are vulnerable."
-Pete Ganci, Chief of Department FDNY
October 27, 1946 - September 11, 2001



Wilson Fire/Rescue Services proudly protects close to 50,000 people living in an area of 29.2 square miles. We operate out of 5 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is staffed by career firefighters 24 hours a day.

Our department offers state of the art service and continues to pioneer new ways to serve the community, protect lives,and property through highly trained and well-equipped fire suppression forces. Our services include: first responder emergency medical service provided by the closest fire company, technical level hazardous materials response team, pro-active fire prevention inspection programs, and innovative public education programs. These services are provided to residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal airport occupancies.

Advanced Technology
Wilson Fire/Rescue Services is using infrared thermal imaging as well as GIS Technology in its rescue suppression efforts. For more information, call(252) 399-2884.