Public Education


With Wilson Fire/Rescue Services’ – “Dedication to Life Safety”, we understand that public education saves lives. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to educating the public. Demographically we have committed to every facet of age and intercultural group throughout the city -  from three years old, to older adults.  We understand that not everything about fire safety and preventative injury is common sense. We have implemented educational programs to help the community stay safe.

Another facet of our commitment to public education has been an increased  focus on preventative injuries. Since Wilson Fire/Rescue Services responds to virtually every emergency call; from automobile accident to Emergency Medical Services – water rescue to playground mishap; we have rightfully dedicated ourselves to helping children, as well as adults, prevent many of these types of accidents. These preventable injuries contribute to much of our service load, and by helping the public understand the dangers in their daily life, through public education, we can help them keep those they love so much longer. Preserving life is what public education is all about.

Life Safety Educator

Ben Huston

Benjamin Huston -

As a certified firefighter and educator, Huston performs managerial and technical work necessary to administer, plan, direct, coordinate, and conduct fire and life safety education programs and activities to all fractions of the citizens served by Wilson Fire /Rescue Services.