Greenlight (ITS)

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Our mission at Greenlight is to provide our subscribers with a well-maintained, state-of-the-art public infrastructure that delivers the most outstanding and technologically advanced services in North Carolina. We strive to be an organization that:

  • Supports our community’s economic health
  • Enhances our citizen’s lives
  • Improves the delivery of City services
  • Upholds the Customer Service Initiative
  • Accomplishes our mission in a self-sufficient manner

Our goal is to provide universal access to broadband services to citizens within the corporate limits of the City of Wilson. This provides both residential and commercial members access to high speed services that enable them to be globally competitive personally, socially and economically while enhancing our community market and quality of life. We strive to help improve our community’s competitiveness in economic development which will influence economic growth.

By creating a connected community, we want to ensure that all of our citizens have the opportunity to use electronic technology to enhance their personal lives and economic well-being. Staying connected to family, friends, and business colleagues has never been more in demand than in today’s world. With our technology, we can make this available and better than ever for our members and community. We provide public services such as free Wi-Fi to Wilson’s downtown area as well as high speed internet access in our public library and schools.

Lastly, we strive to provide a well-maintained, state-of-the-art public infrastructure to our community. We believe that our people are our greatest asset. As experts in their fields, we will utilize their talents and bring their collective skills together in the essence of teamwork within the organization, working towards our ultimate goal: Total Customer Satisfaction.




Name Position Phone
Will Aycock Greenlight Operations Manager 252.296.3344
Dave Baumgartner Webmaster 252.399.2389
Melinda Boykin Microcomputer Technician 252.296.3389
Jennifer Cawthon Business Systems Analyst 252.399.2155
Latrice Covington Senior Computer Operator 252.399.2156
Carl J. Hardy Security and Server Admin 252.399.2153
Tim Holley Sr. Server & Telecommunication Admin 252.399.2393
Keith Lucas Head End Technician 252.399.2189
Joseph McLamb Network Administrator 252.206.5264
Donald Richardson Engineering Team Supervisor 252.296.3301
Michael Watson Network Administrator 252.206.5269



Avaya Response to City of Wilson RFP Avaya Response to City of Wilson RFP (313 KB)
Appendix E Discount Schedule Appendix E Discount Schedule (27 KB)