Human Resources Policy Manual

Table of Contents PDF PDF Version

General Employment Policies

Employment and Orientation A-1 PDF PDF Version
Employment Categories A-2 PDF PDF Version
Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action A-3 PDF PDF Version
Harassment A-4 PDF PDF Version
Employment of Relatives A-5 PDF PDF Version
Reimbursement of Employee Moving Expenses A-6 PDF PDF Version
Maintenance and Privacy of Employee Personnel Files A-7 PDF PDF Version
Employee Separation and Exit Interview A-8 PDF PDF Version
Reinstatement A-9 PDF PDF Version
I-9 Forms A-10 PDF PDF Version
Pre-Employment Background Checks A-11 PDF PDF Version
New Hire Process A-12 PDF PDF Version

Classification and Compensation

The Classification Plan B-1 PDF PDF Version
Employee Status Changes B-2 PDF PDF Version
Longevity B-3 PDF PDF Version
Overtime Policy B-6 PDF PDF Version
Mutual Aid B-7 PDF PDF Version
Salary Administration Policy B-8 PDF PDF Version


Employee Benefit Plan Components C-1 PDF PDF Version
Flexible Spending Accounts C-2 PDF PDF Version
Retirement System C-3 PDF PDF Version
Supplemental Retirement Plans C-4 PDF PDF Version
Retired Group Medical Benefits C-5 PDF PDF Version
Personal Leaves C-7 PDF PDF Version
Sick Leave (See also FMLA C-9) C-8 PDF PDF Version
Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) C-9 PDF PDF Version
Leave Without Pay C-10 PDF PDF Version
Holidays C-11 PDF PDF Version
Shared Leave Program C-12 PDF PDF Version
Assumption of Sick Leave C-13 PDF PDF Version
Assumption of Annual Leave Accrual C-14 PDF PDF Version
Tuition Assistance C-15 PDF PDF Version

Employee Relations

Employee Assistance Program D-1 PDF PDF Version
Flowers Due to Hospitalization or Death D-2 PDF PDF Version
Performance Planning and Evaluation D-3 PDF PDF Version
Standards of Performance and Conduct D-4 PDF PDF Version
Disciplinary Policy D-5 PDF PDF Version

Terms and Conditions

Outside Employment E-1 PDF PDF Version
Residency for Leadership Team E-2 PDF PDF Version
Drug and Alcohol Testing E-3 PDF PDF Version
Transitional Duty E-6 PDF PDF Version
Military Leave - E-7 PDF PDF Version
Anti-Violence & Workplace Security E-8 PDF PDF Version
Personal Blogs and Online Posts E-9 PDF PDF Version
Smoking Policy E-10 PDF PDF Version
Use of City of Wilson A-V Equipment by Outside Entities E-11 PDF PDF Version
Break Time for Nursing Mothers E-12 PDF PDF Version