Ride-A-Long Program

Must be 18 years of age.  Download and fill out all three forms below and return to the PD notarized.

The Ride-A-Long application has been revised and is under the Word templates. Date of birth, Sex and Driver's License Number were added per our policy. Please remember that an AOC check has to be done prior to a ride-a-long being approved if you process the paperwork yourself. All original paperwork including the AOC check needs to be brought to the Wilson Police Department. If you have any questions, please call 399-2323.

(The forms are located at the bottom of the page)

Operation Know Me

The Wilson Police Department with the support of the Arc of Wilson, will be hosting a month of awareness for local law enforcement on dealing with children and adults with developmental disabilities. 

As part of the initiative, the police department seeks to identify addresses and persons with developmental disabilities in Wilson County.  Our goal is to identify homes officers may respond to, so that officers will be prepared to deal with a situation involving an autistic (or other developmentally disabled) person.  This will allow officers to adjust their response to suit the situation.  For example, if an officer receives a call for a 911 hang up and the officer is notified that it is a home with an autistic child, they may choose to respond without lights and sirens, so as to reduce the stress and fear the child might have with regard to the noise and flashing lights.  The pre-notification will also allow the officer to adjust his presence in the home.  Many officers do not recognize signs of a person who is autistic because of subtlety or infrequent interactions.  The early notification will give officers a “heads up” so that when they arrive at the home, they allow for more flexibility in dealing with the situation at hand.

The identification process also allows families to register their disabled family members with the police department.  An up to date photo and demographics information will be maintained in our records system, to provide immediate access to officers.  This will be vital in the case where a deaf child becomes missing.  All officers will have immediate access to the child’s photo, height, weight, hair color, etc., on the computers in their cars.

The Wilson Police Department respects your right to privacy.  The information retained for this project will be used solely for law enforcement purposes.  We hope that you will join us in this effort to care for and protect our disabled community.

(The forms are located at the bottem of this page)


Days: Tuesday and Thursday (No Appointment Needed)
Hours: 1-4 pm
Charge: $10
Cash and checks only. No credit/debit cards.
*Fingerprint only for employment or adoption. No fingerprinting for immigration or A.L.E. license.

Gun Locks

Available free of charge--2 per household. City residents can pick up a lock from any of the districts. County residents must go to the sheriff department.

Taxi Renewal

Face Card - $3
Taxi Application - New applicant or renewal - $44
Non-refundable processing fee.

Criminal Background Checks

Are only done at the Clerk of Court. Information regarding driving history must be directed to DMV, 243-4072.

Trespassing Agreement Form

Download and fill out the form below.  Must be notarized. One form and sign for each property.

Bicycle Registration

This is a free service that can be done at the main police station at 120 N. Goldsboro St.  Bike owners age 17 and under must have a parent or guardian present when they get their bike registered.  Bring your bike to the police department front desk and the office personnel will assist you.


Ride Along Application Ride Along Application (72 KB)
Ride Along Guidelines Ride Along Guidelines (75 KB)
Ride Along Waiver Ride Along Waiver (69 KB)
Tresspassing Agreement Tresspassing Agreement (33 KB)
Operation Know Me Operation Know Me (92 KB)