The Wilson Police Department Forensic Unit is currently staffed by (3) full-time civilian Forensic Analysts. The unit is tasked with working major crime scenes such as homicides, suicides, rapes, robberies, and serious assaults.  It also assists patrol teams with residential burglaries, vehicle break-ins, and other scenes at the request of patrol supervisors. The Forensic Analysts are available to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


At the crime scene, Forensic Analysts are responsible for documenting, processing and collecting items of evidence. Additional duties include performing latent print processing on evidence in the Forensic Lab, conducting latent print comparisons, and fingerprinting arrestees.  Forensic Analysts also retrieve and analyze video footage from local businesses to assist with the identification of criminal offenders.


The members of the Forensic Unit have over 2,000 combined hours of training in the area of crime scene investigations and over 47 years of combined experience in crime scene processing.  They also hold internationally recognized certifications in the areas of crime scene investigation and latent print examination. The Forensic Analysts have testified as expert witnesses in both State and Federal court. 


The Forensic Analysts are also Certified Criminal Justice Instructors and have taught hundreds of law enforcement officers throughout the state of  North Carolina in crime scene processing and latent print examination. 


The Forensic Unit hosts student interns and volunteers from several local colleges and universities.  Interns receive hands on experience with crime scene investigations and fingerprints.