Report a Crime (P2C), Obtain a police or accident report

To obtain a police or accident report or to report non emergency sitituations such as: theft, vandalism, lost property, go to

 For crimes in progress, life-threatening situations, or motor vehicle accidents, please call 911!

For everything else, please call our Telephone Response Unit (TRU) at 252.399.2323.


Drug Hotline - 252.293.5333

Gang Hotline - 252.296.3359

Crime Stoppers - 252.243.2255


Do you have information on a crime?  No piece of information is too small.  Every bit helps put the puzzle together.  Because of this, we want to make sure citizens have a secure place to leave tips and information for us.  All callers can choose to remain anonymous; It is not necessary to leave your contact information.  However, to be considered for Crime Stoppers reward money, you must leave valid contact information.