Frequently asked questions

Emergency Street Call Call 399.2480

New Re-surface Roads Call 399.2465

How can I find out when my trash pickup is?
Call Enviromental Services at 399.2485 for more information about trash pickup and scheduling.

Someone stole/ran over/destroyed a street sign. How can I report this to the city?
Call Parking and Traffic at 399.2471 to report sign problems.

I'm ready for a new driveway. How do I get a permit? Call 399.2195

I saw water flowing out of a manhole/toilet/drain. Who do I call?
Customers who observe a Sanitary Sewer Overflow should report these as emergencies to the Public Services Department between the hours of 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at 252.399.2480 or after hours at 399.2444.

I've noticed deep water buildup on the roads after a heavy rain. Who do I call?
In case of street drainage problems, call the Stormwater Division at 399.2434.

I have a dead animal in front of my house on the street. Can you remove it please?
For dead animal removal, call 399.2480 during business hours or 399.2448 at night.