Wilson Industrial Air Center

business locationAre you looking for a business location in the southeast with airport taxi-way access to your facility? The Wilson Industrial Air Center in your logical destination.

In today's market, the successful business is keenly aware of the importance of logistics in ensuring a profitable bottom line. Exporting product and importing supplies is crucial to keeping production lines efficient and timely. Considering Wilson's central location, pro-business climate, and outstanding airport facilities, it is obvious that Wilson Industrial Air Center is the logical destination.

Located five miles from I-95, Wilson Industrial Air Center offers onsite industrial lots with taxi-way access available for immediate development. Zoned for light industrial, a flexible site plan has been developed for the Air Center. With three 4,500-foot runways, one of which is lighted, the airport is used extensively by industrial, commercial, governmental, medical, law enforcement, military and recreational aircraft.

Existing businesses in Wilson County appreciate the proximity of the Wilson Industrial Air Center. "The time and money we save by taking our corporate airplane from our headquarters in Goshen, Indiana directly to Wilson really adds up," according to Gene Wilson, plant manager of GNC Corporation in Wilson, NC. "Our corporate executives visit our facility often. They frequently arrive by plane at the Air Center. It certainly is a plus to have the airport so close by."

Color overheadFormer Governor Jim Hunt agrees, "As competition for industrial recruitment gets tougher, those communities that work the hardest to build strong economies will be the big winners. My hometown of Wilson is a great place to do business. It offers companies nearly anything they are looking for."

Frequently the North Carolina Department of Commerce uses the facility to bring industrial prospects to visit Wilson. Aerial tours of sites and buildings, as well as of the city itself, are taken from the Air Center.

"The Wilson Industrial Air Center," Hunt added, "is a tremendous asset for this community and a benefit to any company that locates here.

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Photo by Keith Barnes