Gas Distribution

The mission of the Wilson Energy Gas Division is to provide a safe and dependable supply of natural gas to the citizens of Wilson.  Our distribution system consists of four supply points, twelve regulator stations, more than 390 miles of pipeline, and over 15,000 residential, commercial, and industrial services.  Our gas distribution system was upgraded in 2004 to include a new supply point and approximately 20 miles of new pipeline to increase the stability of our system in the winter during peak usage months.  Wilson Energy is one of only eight municipal gas distribution systems in North Carolina.  Based on the number of customers in our system, Wilson Energy is the third largest municipal gas system in North Carolina.

Currently, we have about 393 miles of gas main in place, but there's plenty of room for you, too. Whether you're considering an industry, a small business or a home in our community, we have plenty of gas to meet your needs.

Natural Gas Service Area

Wilson Energey Natural Gas Service Area