Residential Gas Services

The gas service will normally be located on the non-driveway side of the house and within approximately eight feet of the front corner of the house. 

Services CAN NOT be installed:

  • At the rear of the house.
  • Inside fenced areas.
  • Adjacent to carports.
  • Where vehicles may travel or be parked.
  • Anywhere subject to damage.
  • Within three feet of openings in buildings, including crawl spaces, windows, and doors. A service can only be installed within three feet of an existing vent if the vent has been permanently closed.
  • Within three feet of any ignition source, including electrical, television or telephone connections; electric meters; and furnaces.

Once the gas service has been installed, either the contractor or the homeowner/resident must call Wilson Energy Customer Service at (252) 399.2162 to have the meter set.  Once that has been done and the house piping has passed inspection, the homeowner/resident must call Customer Service at (252) 399.2162 to have the gas service turned on. The gas meter will not be set until requested.

Should an addition be made to a house or a building added to the property, a contractor would need to pipe to the existing meter.  Find out more information on the safety feature installed on residential services here.