Gas Rates



Wilson Energy
Natural gas rates
(Effective January1, 2014)


Facilities charge                                       $12.00
Commodity Charge                                  $1.397 per ccf


Facilities Charge                                     $25.30
Commodity Charge                                 $1.302 per ccf

Seasonal Summer

Facilities Charge                                     $51.75
Commodity Charge                                 $1.302 per ccf 


Wilson Energy is happy to talk with non-residential and prospective non-residential customers about competitive natural gas rates. Please contact Key Accounts Manager Bob Arrington at or (252) 399.2417.


Bills are due and payable within 18 days from the billed date. If service is disconnected for non-payment of bill, the customer shall pay the full amount of the delinquent account plus $25.00 before Wilson Energy will reconnect service.

If this is a new service, there may be additional charges for extension of service.