Service Maintenance

Wilson Energy is responsible for the maintenance of the gas meter and the service lines from the street to the meter. Any problems beyond the meter are the responsibility of the owner/ customer. The following is information regarding how Wilson Energy maintains the gas services and meters.

Meter Change Out Program

Wilson Energy changes out gas meters that meet certain criteria to ensure they are kept in proper working order and accurate readings can be taken every month.

Customers must be home during the exchange so that all gas appliances can be relit after the gas is turned back on. If gas technicians stop by when a customer is not home, they will leave a green card on the door. If you receive a green card, please call the number on the card to schedule an appointment. The exchange takes about one hour. 

Meter Maintenance

Wilson Energy is responsible for the safety and upkeep of the gas meters. Please help our technicians perform necessary service and repairs:

  • Bushes and tress should not be planted near the meter as they inhibit personnel movement. Also, roots from the plants can disturb the service line and meter and cause gas leaks.
  • Pets or objects should not be tied or fastened to the gas meter or service line. The stress or pulling can cause gas leaks.
  • Maintenance can not be performed if gas meters are in locked fenced areas or in fenced areas with dogs.

Letters will be sent to customers asking for the removal of bushes/trees that are too close to meters or objects attached to meters and piping. If gates are locked or if a dog is inside a fenced area, a letter will be sent to notify the occupant that maintenance was attempted.

Annual Leak Survey

Wilson Energy inspects all Wilson Energy gas lines every three years.  The areas that have natural gas with Wilson Energy have been divided into four sections, three residential sections and one business section. Once a year, a Wilson Energy employee or contractor firm will complete inspections in one residential section and the business section.

When leaks are found during the leak survey, the inspector gives the information to Wilson Energy and corrective action is taken. If a leak is found on the customer piping, a letter will be sent to the occupant requesting that the leak be repaired.

The city side of the piping is defined as the service line from the street to the house and the meter. The customer side is defined as all house piping up to, and including, where the house piping connects to the meter.