Utility Bill Guide

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Your Utility Bill

Click on any of the numbers for a description of the invoice information.

Explanation of Bill

1 - Service Address: The physical location of utility service.

2 - Cycle/Route: Identifier numbers used for billing purposes.

3 - Customer/Location Number: Your Account Number.

4 - Customer Information: Your name and mailing address.

5 - Scan Line: Used for automated processing of payment (lists your account number, the due date, and bill amount).

6 - Utility Service Information: Lists customer services period, number of days in billing period, meter number, present and previous meter readings, and usage.

7 - Body of Bill: Lists utility service and total by line item.

8 - Remittance Portion of Bill: This is the portion of the bill that you mail along with your bill payment.

9 - Voluntary Contribution: Allows you to designate a recurring or one-time contribution to the program