Pay Range 21 Breakdown

Hourly (40 hrs.)$25.2718$37.9077
Hourly (42 hrs.)$24.0684$36.1026
Hourly (56 hrs.)$18.0513$27.0770

Business Systems Analyst

Range: $52,565.40 - $78,848.08 (21)
Position Number: 32222

JOB SUMMARY: This position requires the performance of technical and analytical skills and abilities in an IBM iSeries mainframe & PC operational environment in support of SPS Enterprise products.
The primary duties of this position include, and are not limited to the following:
Provides city wide technical support on a variety of SunGard Enterprise products as well as third party integrated business systems applications; 
Conducts research and analysis to assist end users with application specific challenges, in a team-centered climate; Coordinates and participates in training sessions between business system vendors and functional area end users; Monitors the functionality and maintenance of all business systems and applications; create application reports using IBM QMQRY and Control Language (CL)statements;
Conducts one-on-one end user training on a variety of software applications (Office 2007, Spoolview, DMS.net, etc.); Monitors and responds to in-house help desk and remote vendor site trouble tickets;
Performs other duties as assigned.
Knowledge and experience with iSeries 5 O/S and PC operational environments, including (QMQRY & CL).
Skill in Enterprise Resource Planning.
Skill in Project Management Concepts, focusing on local government.
Knowledge of local, city, state and federal ordinances, laws and regulations
Skill in working in customer-centered service and support environment
Skill in conceptual planning, organizing and decision-making
Ability to provide oral and written communication with specific emphasis on providing feedback and follow-up
SUPERVISORY CONTROLS: The Business Analyst Manager assigns work in terms of general instruction. This position requires the ability to be self supervising with an emphasis on time and workload management.
GUIDELINES:  Adherence to department policy and procedure is paramount. Other guidelines include federal, state and local laws and regulations which require appropriate judgment, selection and interpretation in application.
COMPLEXITY: The duties of this position possess a variety of complexities that are driven by the unique nature of the operations climate.
SCOPE & EFFECT: The range of the responsibilities of this position has citywide impact. Successful performance of these responsibilities ensures the efficient application of city services.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The duties of this position require the ability to use a desktop or laptop computer, effectively field telephone calls and navigate the Internet. Duties are typically performed while sitting but; could include stooping, standing and walking for extended periods of time. Some driving may also be required in support of functional area end users citywide.
WORK ENVIRONMENT: The duties of this position are typically performed in an office, computer room, training room, conference room or at the desk-side of end users, citywide. The duty hours of this position are negotiable within the core hours of operation.
SUPERVISORY AND MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY: There are no supervisory or management responsibilities of this position outside of that those which are required in the performance of day-to-day duties.
Knowledge and competency commonly associated with the successful completion of a baccalaureate degree in a course of study equivalent to Computer Science, Information Systems Mgmt or other occupationally related field. Demonstrated experience that is sufficient and conducive to teamwork, team-building and promoting quality customer service in support (at least five years). 
Possession of or the ability to immediately obtain a valid North Carolina driver’s license; including adequate transportation.
Created 3-09