Pay Range 14 Breakdown

Hourly (40 hrs.)$17.0237$25.5356
Hourly (42 hrs.)$16.2131$24.3196
Hourly (56 hrs.)$12.1598$18.2397

Lead Transit Operator

Range: $35,409.35 - $53,114.03 (14)
Position Number: 3628

JOB SUMMARY:  This position performs supervisory function in support of the transportation division. 
Performs the duties of the Transportation Manager in the absence of the same.
Serves as the liaison between the Manager and Transit Operators.
Oversees training of Transit Operators.
Performs the duties of the Dispatcher in the absence of the same; assigns and dispatches vehicles; prepares farebox revenues and paperwork; takes demand response calls.
Prepares timesheets for the office assistant.
Inspects vehicles; communicates with mechanics concerning repair needs.
Inspects paperwork completed by Transit Operators.
Monitors the driving skills of Operators.
Operates a city transit bus as needed; performs safety inspections, completes logs and reports, assists disabled passengers; prepares incident and accident reports; utilizes two-way radio, monitors fare collection, and keeps vehicle free of trash.
Provides transportation to those needing to be evacuated in emergency situations.
Reports street conditions to public services dispatcher.
Answers the division telephone; communicates with drives via two-way radio.
Removes vaults from vehicles at the end of the day.
Schedules drivers and assigns routes.
Performs other related duties as assigned.
Knowledge of public transportation service systems.            
Knowledge of safe driving techniques.
Knowledge of traffic laws.
Knowledge of CPR, first aid, and the guidelines for handling bloodborne pathogens.
Skill in operating a city transit vehicle.
Skill in the supervision and training of transit vehicle drivers.
Skill in oral and written communication.
SUPERVISORY CONTROLS:  The Transportation Manager assigns work in terms of general instructions.  The supervisor spot-checks completed work for compliance with procedures, accuracy, and the nature and propriety of the final results.
GUIDELINES:  Guidelines include city and department policies and procedures, motor vehicle rules and regulations, vehicle maintenance manuals, ADA Handbook, driver training handbook, and supervisory instructions.  These guidelines are generally clear and specific but may require some interpretation in application.
COMPLEXITY:  The work consists of related supervisory duties. 
SCOPE AND EFFECT:  The purpose of this position is to supervise the work of Transit Operators.  Successful performance contributes to effective, safe delivery of mass transit services to the residents and visitors of the City of Wilson.
PERSONAL CONTACTS:  Contacts are typically with co-workers, other city employees, mechanics, vendors, and the general public.
PURPOSE OF CONTACTS:  Contacts are typically to give or exchange information, provide services, motivate personnel, and resolve problems.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  The work is typically performed while intermittently sitting, standing, bending, crouching, or stooping.  The employee frequently lifts light objects and must distinguish between shades of color.
WORK ENVIRONMENT:  The work is typically performed in an office and in a city transit vehicle.  The employee is exposed to noise, dust, dirt, grease, machinery with moving parts,
irritating chemicals and, occasional cold or inclement weather.  The work requires the use of protective devices such as masks and gloves.
SUPERVISORY AND MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY:  This position has direct supervision over Transit Operator (8).
Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with completion of specialized training in the field of work, in addition to basic skills typically associated with a high school education.
Experience sufficient to thoroughly understand the work of subordinate positions to be able to answer questions and resolve problems, usually associated with one to three years experience or service.
Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver's license issued by the State of North Carolina for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.