Pay Range 25 Breakdown

Hourly (40 hrs.)$37.5162$56.2742
Hourly (42 hrs.)$35.7297$53.5945
Hourly (56 hrs.)$26.7973$40.1959

Director of Public Services.

Range: $78,033.63 - $117,050.43 (25)
Position Number: 3962


JOB SUMMARY:  This position is responsible for assisting the Deputy City Manager – Operations and Public Services in directing various divisions and operations of the Department of Public Services.
Provides input and strategies for departmental structure and organization; assists in the development of short and long term goals; informs Deputy City Manager of all issues and developments; formulates action plans for addressing problems and obstacles; responds to inquiries and provides information to the news media.
Directs departmental activities in the absence of the Deputy City Manager.
Supervises and directs the following operations and public services: streets, environmental services, recycling, fleet maintenance, transit, and dispatch; provides guidance and advice to Engineering, Stormwater Management, and the Water Resources Division, including Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection, and Wastewater Treatment.
Capital Improvement Plan; recommends adjustments and amendments as warranted.
Manages the work order system, including overseeing audit and compliance monitoring; analyzes job costs; develops performance measures; consults with vendors; negotiates and approves contracts.
Administers personnel programs, including training, skill based programs, performance evaluation, and compensation programs; recommends and approves salary increases; hears appeals and issues rulings on disciplinary actions and terminations.
Develops reports and presentation for senior management and elected officials; serves as staff liaison on City Council appointed task forces and advisory committees.
Develops statistical data for local, state, and federal agencies.
Coordinates and manages enhancement projects; secures grant funds; interviews and selects contractors; negotiates contracts and oversees construction operations.
Coordinates departmental emergency response and disaster preparedness plans; oversees and directs clean-up and recovery efforts by Public Services Operations.
Directs and coordinates the city’s Inmate Labor Program for Public Services and other Departments.
Reviews and approves purchase order activity for Public Services and Water Resources, including approving invoices for operating expenditures and large capital projects.
Performs other related duties as assigned.
Knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration.
Knowledge of the city code of ordinances and other regulations, policies, and procedures.
Knowledge of local government budgeting, financial management, purchasing  practices, and contract administration.
Knowledge of the functions, organization, and operations of city departments.
Knowledge of state and federal laws in all areas applicable to city government.
Knowledge of FEMA and state assistance programs and guidelines for reimbursement.
Skill in management and supervision.
Skill in analyzing data and making decisions.
Skill in contract negotiation and administration.
Skill in establishing priorities and organizing work.
Skill in mediation and conflict resolution.
Skill in developing short- and long-range plans.
Skill in managing and allocating resources during emergency recovery operations.
Skill in the use of general office equipment, including a computer, calculator, facsimile machine, and copier.
Skill in public and interpersonal relations.
Skill in oral and written communication.
SUPERVISORY CONTROLS:  The Deputy City Manager – Operations and Public Services assigns work in terms of goals and objectives.  The work is reviewed through conferences, reports, and observation of department activities.
GUIDELINES:  Guidelines include city ordinances, policies, and procedures, the Personnel Policy manual, Inmate Labor Manual, and relevant federal and state laws and regulations.  These guidelines require judgment, selection, and interpretation in application. 
COMPLEXITY:  The work consists of varied administrative, managerial, supervisory, and technical duties.  Budgetary constraints, limited resources, and political demands contribute to the complexity of the work. 
SCOPE AND EFFECT:  The purpose of this position is to assist the Deputy City Manager – Operations and Public Services in directing various divisions and operations of the Department of Public Services.  Successful performance helps ensure the effective and efficient provision of city services.
PERSONAL CONTACTS:  Contacts are typically with department heads, division heads, co-workers, other city employees, elected officials, environmental compliance officers, architects, engineers, attorneys, state and federal officials, and the general public.
PURPOSE OF CONTACTS:  Contacts are typically to give and exchange information, resolve problems, provide services, motivate personnel, and justify, negotiate, or settle matters.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  The work is typically performed while intermittently sitting, standing, or stooping.  The employee occasionally lifts light objects and must distinguish between shades of color.
WORK ENVIRONMENT:  The work is typically performed in an office and occasionally at job sites where the worker may be exposed to noise, heavy traffic, and construction hazards and where the worker may be required to use protective devices such as a hard hat.
SUPERVISORY AND MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY:  This position has direct supervision over Street Division Manager (1), Environmental Services Manager (1), Fleet Manager (1), Transportation Systems Administrator (1), Recycling Coordinator / Community Resources Planner (1), Administrative Secretary (1), and Public Services Dispatcher (1).
Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with the completion of a master's degree in a course of study related to the occupational field.
Experience sufficient to thoroughly understand the diverse objectives and functions of the subunits in the division/department in order to direct and coordinate work within the division/department, usually interpreted to require three to five years of related experience.
Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver's license issued by the State of North Carolina for the type of vehicle or equipment operated