Greenlight FAQ

What is Greenlight?

Greenlight is a fiber optic communications system owned and operated by the City of Wilson. This system brings advanced cable, Internet and telephone services to the residents and businesses of Wilson. To best meet the needs of the community, the system is a Fiber to the Home system ensuring the availability of reliable and advanced services for homes and businesses.

What is a Fiber to the Home System?

A Fiber to the Home system (FTTH) is an advanced telecommunications technology that utilizes 100% fiber optics throughout the entire system. Unlike traditional cable or telephone systems that use copper wire or a mixture of coax and fiber optics, the FTTH system is more reliable, provides virtually unlimited bandwidth and requires less maintenance once it is constructed. If the local cable provider or the telephone company were to significantly upgrade their system in Wilson today, the FTTH technology would be the technology of choice.

What are we able to do with the fiber optic system?

The fiber optic system allows the City of Wilson to offer state of the art television, Internet and telephone services to the community. Services are more reliable, faster, and clearer. More importantly, since the community owns the system, Greenlight has a community flavor. Overall the FTTH system is improving the quality of life in this community and providing a strong economic development tool by attracting new business and enhancing the competitiveness of our current business community.

Who owns the system?

The City of Wilson owns and operates the system.

Is Wilson the first city in the United States to operate a fiber telecommunications system like this?

No. In the last several years many cities throughout the United States, some larger and some smaller than Wilson, have constructed fiber to the home systems (FTTH). As of 2008, more than 560 groups, many of them local governments, were providing FTTH services in the U.S., according to the Fiber to the Home Council. Nearly 12 million homes in the U.S. have access to FTTH. 

Will Greenlight affect my taxes?

No. Tax revenues are not being used to fund this project in any way. Greenlight derives its revenues through charges for telephone, cable television and Internet services. In September 2010, Greenlight had its first month where revenues topped expenses, going "cash-flow positive" ahead of projections and the city's business plan.

Are these services available to my home or business?

The network is complete now, so it’s open to everyone in the city limits.

Will I need special equipment to use FTTH services?

No. All necessary equipment will be provided at installation. In general, the FTTH system will use the current wiring in your home or business. Where needed, your installer will provide any additional cabling.

What are the minimum specifications for my PC?

Greenlight recommends the following guidelines for your PC in using our Internet service:

  • Operating System: Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP. Macintosh 8.0 or higher.
  • CPU: 100MHz or greater 
  • Memory: 32MB or greater
  • Free Disk Space: 100 MB or greater

Do I have to buy new appliances to use this service?

No. If your computer, TV or phone works with their current connections, you should not have to upgrade. Your current electronics will work fine.

Will I have to change the wiring inside my house?

No. In most cases, the wiring you already have will work just fine.